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Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits

Knowledgeable Alabama Long Term Disability Insurance Attorney

Proficient Huntsville lawyer helps injured and ill workers get needed benefits

If you develop an injury or illness and have long term disability insurance and are having difficulty dealing with the insurance company or understanding the ERISA or other requirements related to your insurance, you may need help and guidance during this process. Unfortunately, long term disability insurance benefits claims and the legal system can be difficult to navigate, which is why it’s a good idea to seek legal counsel. The law firm of Kenneth D. Hampton in Huntsville is committed to pursuing benefits for those who are injured or suffer from an illness and are disabled and no longer able to work.

Seasoned advocate helps clients navigate long term disability insurance cases

Long term disability insurance benefits may be provided by an employer, in which case they have been determined to be ERISA benefits, with many restrictions on how to apply for and pursue them. Our law firm may help you recover benefits. However, it essential that you:

  • Contact us before you file an appeal with the insurance company if they have denied you. Under ERISA, all information must be submitted to an insurance company or you cannot use it if a court proceeding becomes necessary.
  • Allow us to obtain a copy of the insurance company file so that we know what is the basis for the denial of benefits and can prepare your claim to the insurance company.

Decisions of the United States Supreme Court have made pursuing employer based long term disability insurance claims difficult by imposing on the employee a duty to prove disability by an arbitrary and capricious standard. This makes it very important that you obtain representation in these matters at the earliest possible date.

Long term disability insurance benefits have short deadlines for meeting filing requirements with the insurance company and it is essential that those deadlines be met. Obtaining the evidence to meet the standards set by the insurance policy is also essential and usually requires legal help to do so within the time frames set by the policy and by ERISA statutes and regulations.

Contact a capable Alabama long term disability insurance attorney

For comprehensive support for your long term disability insurance case, contact the law firm of Kenneth D. Hampton in Huntsville. Please call 256-859-8900 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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